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Casino Games on Facebook

If you love playing games on Facebook, but also have a penchant for casino style gaming sites, then good news!There are also loads of great casino games available on Facebook.

As most Facebook users will already be aware, there are a huge variety of games which are available to play via this particular social networking site. Facebook also has the advantage of letting you post your scores from certain games, and share your progress with Facebook friends. Although Facebook tends to be most associated with games simulation games, such as Farmville and Adventure World, there’s actually a huge variety available.

For casino game fans, Facebook offers a good choice of popular games to choose from. One of the most popular is Lucky Coins – a game which acts as a cross between  casino slot machines and pinball games. There’s also several options which update the traditional game of Solitaire, such as Demon Solitaire and 5 Card Solitaire, with fast-paced alternatives.

For poker-lovers, there’s also plenty of games to choose from. Good Ol’ Poker is a wild west-themed variation of this traditional game, whilst Poker Match is a great way to develop your knowledge of high-scoring poker hands, as players swap cards in order to obtain the highest rank. If you enjoy playing online poker at sites like PartyPoker Español, then you might enjoy games such as Montecarlo Poker Multiplayer, where you can play against your friends. Alternatively, opt for something a little different with games such as Poker Splash, which mixes elements of poker with that of games like Tetris.

Blackjack and roulette players are also especially well-catered for on Facebook. Games like GoGo 21 combine the premise of solitaire with traditional blackjack at a super-speedy pace. GoldRush Roulette, on the other hand, allows players to bet using virtual golden nuggets in this internet version of this classic game.


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